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Work with the heart based Lemurian energies right now is so important in this time of crisis, for ourselves and for the planet.  For this reason the six part Lemurian Crystal Attunement course is offered with 50% off at only £25.  Please quote lemuria2020  when you checkout x

Would you like to take the next step on your’ spiritual path and connect with the divine loving energies of the Lemurian race?

Come and join us on this beautiful journey…

Lemurians have a close connection to the oceans and those who dwell within them especially dolphins.  The oceans need our help, it seems almost daily there are reports of damage due to pollution, over fishing/dredging or human navigation interference.  Play and tune in to this meditation to help bring healing to our Oceans with the assistance of Lemurian energies.

The Lemurians were advanced, heart based beings on the earth before and during the time of Atlantis. Their connection with us is being awakened at this time to assist with the raising consciousness of humanity. In this process we release the bonds of pain surrounding our heart centres, opening our hearts so we may receive more universal love. When we open our hearts we can live a life more connected to the joys surrounding us in nature, be more content and show others a better way of being.

In the Lemurian Crystal Attunement online course you are assigned a Lemurian guide who will stay with you for as long as you wish to call upon them. Your connection to the Lemurians will then continue to grow; they will assist you in your healing and continuing spiritual development with unconditional love, bringing a stronger connection to the love of universal consciousness.

The Lemurian Crystal Attunement online course runs over six weekly sections, all received when you register, to be completed in your own time. A week between the attunements is recommended to integrate the powerful energy and healing process at each stage.


The six week course will guide you through

  • Clearing and expanding your heart centre
  • Connecting with your Lemurian Guide
  • Integrating the energy received during attunements
  • How to work with Lemurian Crystals
  • Work on clearing limiting beliefs

Each week includes

  • In depth information about Lemurian crystals. Information about how the Lemurians lived and developed themselves while here on earth, to open our perceptions, energies and senses to how life could be one day in the future
  • MP3 guided meditation, recorded live on the course with attunement, 25 minutes on average
  • Energy work exercises after each attunement
  • With full instructions and transcribed meditation
  • Certificate of attendance for 10 hours on completion

If you would like a certificate please state your surname when registering, it will be sent to you one week after completing the course.


The Lemurian connection is assisted by Lemurian crystals, it is therefore important you have one before you start the course.

We have teamed up with crystal healer, supplier and author Phillip Permutt to bring you an exclusive 15% off Lemurian and other crystals. Also if you register as a member you could receive up to another 20% off depending on how much you spend.  Please go to The Crystal Healer and quote LCA15 when ordering.

Register for Lemurian Crystal Attunement online course for only £49 £25

until 31st Aug 2020 Code lemuria2020


Also recommended but not compulsory is the wonderful Lord Meru spray by Angelic Studios that encourage connection to the Lemurian energy when sprayed in the aura.

We cannot recommend them enough! 

Please click on for more details.  She does a Lord Meru spray and Lemurian & Mount Shasta spray. When you have chosen what you would like to buy please email Angie at with your order quoting LMCA to receive £3.00 discount on each spray! Gorgeous candles are also available.