About Us – When Maxine was attuned to the Lemurian energy in 2007 she resonated with the Lemurian energy so much she wrote a course on her experiences and research, with blessings from the Lemurians who wish for this work to go to as many people as possible. After teaching the Lemurian Crystal Attunement course for seven years, Maxine was directed by the Lemurians to adapt the course online so that those who could not attend the courses could experience it wherever they live throughout the world, whatever their level of understanding. The Lemurian energy of pure unconditional love is the light the world needs right now, in these times of great change.

Maxine at Avebury
Maxine at Avebury

Maxine has been regularly meditating since 1999, attended various groups, courses, workshops and retreats. In 2009 Maxine attended a meditation retreat. On the third day she was outside in the beautiful sunshine meditating, when she was struck by the most intense spiritual light. Momentarily she lost consciousness and awoke with the most amazing feeling of oneness that has stayed with her ever since.

Since 2008 Maxine has held meditation groups, tutored courses, held talks and workshops on energy awareness, working with crystals, Lemurian crystal attunements and all levels of Usui Reiki.

While on a trip to Cornwall, Maxine was directed by spirit to go to a special waterfall, which turned out to be St Nectans Glen, one the ten most spiritual places in England. Her quest was to anchor the Lemurian light beneath the waterfall and she experienced the most amazing journey whereby she was aware of the many elementals that reside there. Her account of what happened is included in the course to encourage others to follow their own intuition.

Click on www.sealenaturalhealth.co.uk for further information about her therapy practice near Farnham, Surrey, England.

Mandala Blume des Lebens

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