What are Lemurian crystals?

Lemurian Crystals were first discovered in Brazil in 1999.  They were found in sand on the top of a hill near a quartz mine.  Immediately they attracted attention as they were unlike any other crystal previously found in the area and were not from a crystal bed like the quartz in the mine.  The first Lemurian crystals found were quite frosty and dull in appearance but with the unusual characteristics of lines (striations) down the sides.

To preserve their knowledge and energies the Lemurians programmed seed crystals with the message of oneness and buried them all over the world to be discovered when mankind were ready.  This time is now; they are being rediscovered (resurrected) to aid humanities’ spiritual evolution which is accelerating at a rapid rate.  So far the crystals have been found in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Montana, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Washington, Madagascar, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, Russia, India, China and Tibet although this list is by no means complete.

What are their purpose?

The Lemurian crystals will help us to return to a heart based society, each person working with them has an energetic affect on those up to 10 miles around them.  Connecting with a Lemurian crystal will help you become more aware of your intuition and access a higher consciousness.  They help you open your soulstar chakra, bringing in a higher energy to open your heart centre and help you heal emotional wounds.  In healing ourselves and others we also heal the planet moving us on to the next stage of our evolution – The Golden Age.

How to identify a Lemurian Crystal

A Quartz Lemurian crystal is usually recognised visually by horizontal striations (lines) on one side and smooth the next although this does vary.  Although usually clear some Lemurians are slightly pink due to a light transparent coating of iron oxide.  If they are very pink they may include lithium and rare pieces can be orange, light blue, smokey, purple, even hematite in colour.


Recently very excited to discover this Lemurian Scarlet Templeseed with a trigonic triangle on the apex on the Isle of Wight!

Can you see the triangles?  This crystal certainly lives up to its name and takes you straight to the Lemurian Crystal Temple.  Such immense love when you enter the temple, the time is now to connect with the Lemurian energies and anchor the energies to the here and now.

All Lemurian Crystals are record keepers of Lemurian and Galactic history. Some have raised or indented triangles typical of the trigonic triangles of other crystals allowing access to akashic records.  Others may have more subtle triangular markings on them like this example, some say these are also record keepers.  They connect with each other to create a grid of energy, when worked with this energy is magnified and the grid grows stronger.

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This amazing Lemurian Seed is has a phantom inside. These crystals are known as Dream Lemurians. Placing Lemurian Seed crystals under your pillow at night can keep some people awake especially if you are not used to the energies, however these Dream Lemurians can be used to aid clarity in your dreams and aid dream recall. Ensure you tuck the crystal into your pillow slip so they do not fall out of bed in the night!

If you are new to Lemurian crystals you may want to begin by putting them in your bed at your feet for a week, while you accustom to the energies (perhaps in a sock to protect them from damage should they fall out!). Their energy is strong, some find they cannot even have them in the bedroom at all, experiment to find out what works for you. If you find you do not get a good nights rest try again in a month or two, when your energies will be more in sync with the Lemurian energies especially during and after the course.


The Lemurian connection is assisted by Lemurian crystals, it is therefore important you have one before you start the course.

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Mandala Blume des Lebens

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