The Lemurians lived on earth from around 4,500,000BC to about 12,000 years ago, learning and developing as a heart based society.   It is said they were the first humans; we all originate from Lemuria and carry their vibration, more evident in some.  It is likely that if you are drawn to Lemurian energy it is strong in your DNA. Some would say that Lemuria was the basis for the stories of the Garden of Eden. Lemuria is also sometimes referred to as Mu, or the Motherland (of Mu).

N.B. Some say the Lemurians were here up to 66 million years ago along side the dinosaurs, the jury is out on that one.


They travelled the globe, some settling and starting civilisations such as Atlantis.  Lemuria is feminine and heart based whereas Atlantis is masculine and mind based energy.   Atlanteans had a great interest in wealth, power and outward expression.  They built great cargo ships transporting millions of tons of copper to barter and great warships to conquer enemies.  Lemurians had no military, they sailed the world to spread their knowledge of healing and spiritual development.  They had a keen interest in agriculture and their herbalists had extensive knowledge never seen since.

They continued to keep contact with their home and other galactic communities, through meditation and telepathy.  They used crystals for fuel, healing, storing knowledge etc.

When they had progressed as far as they could on earth there was a huge shift in the tectonic plates of the earth and the land of Lemuria sank in the pacific, leaving what is now known as Hawaii, the mountains of Polynesia and areas such as Bolivia.  They knew this event was coming so some went home, some went underground, some went to Atlantis, while others settled beneath Mount Shasta in California and built the city of Telos.  Any left gave up their material bodies to continue their evolution in spirit form.

Origins of Knowledge

Plato wrote extensively about Atlantis and Lemuria. Rudolf Steiner, Madam Helen Blavatsky, Scott Elliot and Edgar Cayce have all referred to Lemuria in their channellings.

Colonel James Churchward was a British early 20th century researcher, writer, a inventor, engineer and expert fisherman.  He patented NCV Steel, armour plating to protect ships during the first world war, along with other alloys.  In India he studied Naacal tablets of clay allegedly written 12-14,000 years ago about Lemuria (also named MU) and its destruction.  He went on the write eight books on the subject.

Recent discoveries of submerged ancient cities


In 1945 a Japanese war ship ran aground off the coast of Japan and a strange stone formation was discovered off the Island of Yonaguni.  It was ‘D’ day and the discovery was forgotten about until 1985 when the first photos were taken showing pre-historic masonry.  Five more sites have been found off three nearby islands showing altar like formations, grand staircases and huge angular structures.  500km of underwater terrain of what appears to be components of a large pre-Inca island were discovered in total.  Some researchers believe this is part of the sunken island of Lemuria. Lemurians would congregate on huge platforms so they could meditate together daily.


Robert Schoch and Graham Hancock have both written extensively on the subject, Graham has written Heaven’s Mirror and made a channel four programme of the same name. 



In 2001 Paul Weinzweig and Pauline Zalitzki discovered the remains of an ancient city submerged off the coast of Cuba, within the boundaries of the Bermuda Triangle. The ancient city is 600 feet below the ocean and the team of researchers are convinced that it is Atlantis or Lemuria.

Marine Geologist Manuel Iturralde called for more samples before drawing conclusions about the site, saying “We have some figures which are extremely unusual but nature is much richer than we think.” Estimating that it would have taken 50,000 years for such structures to have sunken to the depth at which they were said to be found, he said “50,000 years ago there wasn’t the architectural capacity in any of the cultures we know of to build complex buildings.” A specialist in underwater archaeology at Florida state university added “It would be cool if they were right, but it would be real advanced for anything we would see in the New World for that time frame. The structures are out of time and out of place.” Source Wikipedia


In 2001 researchers from the National Institute of Oceanography announced the discovery of ruins of a complex underwater city off the coast of North West India. The structure consists of an elaborate and highly sophisticated system of buildings with roads and drainage systems, indicating a highly evolved civilisation, long before historians had previously thought possible.

Pic –
Pic –

Scientists and archaeologists have dated the site to the end of the ice age around 10,000BC.

It seems more and more sites are being discovered. As we continue to research these amazing cities we will discover more about our ancient ancestors and learn lessons from them, allowing others to open their minds and hearts to the reality of our spiritual past, aiding a more conscious future for everyone.

Ancient history is being rewritten

According to Archaeology ‘civilised’ man began around 3000BC, with hunter gatherers 20,000-12,000 yrs ago and the first farming societies 12,000-5,000 years ago.

In 1996, remains of a virtually whole skeleton were found near the Kennewick river in Washington. Named ‘Kennewick Man’ , when carbon dated scientists were astounded to find they were 9,000 years old, the oldest most intact skeleton ever to be discovered. The oldest skull is actually 1.5 million years old.

More and more discoveries are showing mankind that the archaeologists may not have been accurate after all. In Tibet for instance, there are records of man 70,000 years ago that show communication between South America and China, during the time of the so called ‘stone-age’.

The Aztec calendar incorporates advanced astronomical knowledge which the Aztecs inherited from earlier civilized peoples who had inhibited the Valley of Mexico for thousands of years before their arrival. The Aztecs history spans from 6th century to 15th century, the Mayans from around 3,000BC and the Incas began 11,000 years ago.

Just a few examples of various discoveries that prove there were ‘civilised’ societies much earlier than 3,000 BC.

Mandala Blume des Lebens

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