Lemurian Online Course

The Lemurian online course with crystal attunements runs over six weekly sections, all received when you register, to be completed in your own time. A week between the attunements is recommended to integrate the powerful energy and healing process at each stage.

The Lemurian online course will guide you through

  • Clearing and expanding your heart centreDSC_1495

  • Integrating the energy received during attunements

  • How to work with Lemurian Crystals

  • Work on clearing limiting beliefs

Each week includes

  • In depth information about Lemurian crystals.  General information about how the Lemurians lived and developed themselves while here on earth, to open our perceptions, energies and senses to how life could be one day in the future

  • MP3 guided meditation, recorded live on the course with attunement, 25 minutes in length on average

  • Energy work exercises after each attunement

  • With full instructions and transcribed meditation

  • Certificate of attendance for 10 hours CPD on completion

If you would like a certificate please state your surname when registering.

For more information on Lemurian Crystals please click here. 

This course can be accessed where ever you are using your PC, ipad, mobile or any other internet enabled device, just register and log in.  You may need to scroll down or to the right depending on your device to find the modules.  If your currency is not English, Paypal will convert to your currency as per todays exchange rate.

The Lemurian connection is assisted by Lemurian crystals, it is therefore important you have one before you start the courseLemurian online course.

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Also recoLemurian online coursemmended but not compulsory is the wonderful Lord Meru spray by Angelic Studios that encourage connection to the Lemurian energy when sprayed in the aura.  We cannot recommend them enough!

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This fragrance aids connection to Lord Meru, Lemurian sage and Keeper of the scrolls during the last days of Mu (Lemuria). He was delegated by the Hierarchy to take the Sacred Scrolls with the Golden Disk of the Sun to be kept within The Monastery of the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays, deep in the Valley of the Blue Moon on Lake Titicaca, high in the Andes. It is an inter galactic centre of Lemurian culture, kabbalistic knowledge and science. Call upon Lord Meru  to access the wisdom hidden in the aeons of time – when man had direct communion with the beings that built the world itself, with the secrets of nature and elementals, and with star beings from other universes.